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Miami-Dade Cuban American Democrats
Press Releases
Miami 07-18-11
In a Statement of Administrative Policy on July 13, 2011, the Obama Administration said of HR 2434 Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act that "If the President is presented with" (this bill)... "his senior advisors would recommend a veto."
The White House:
  • Opposes aspects of the bill that would weaken the ability of the IRS to collect taxes owed, compromise oversight of financial markets, undermine the SEC, and limit consumer response services.
  • Opposes funding limitations that would compromise implementation of the Affordable Care Act.
  • Opposes Section 901 of the bill which reverses the President's policy on family visits and remittances to Cuba.

Hector Caraballo, President of the Miami-Dade Cuban-American Democratic Club stated, "We agree with the White House in their opposition to these and other aspects of the bill. As Cuban-Americans, we understand the controversy regarding travel to Cuba. However, as opponents of the totalitarianism prevailing in Cuba and as advocates of democracy, we believe that isolating the Cuban people from Cuban exiles as well as U.S. Citizens has only served to empower the control that the dictatorship holds over the Cuban people. We also respect that Cuban Americans may wish to help their loved ones still in Cuba as we understand the bonds of family ties."
Miami 04-11-2011
Press Conference Opposing Florida Legislature's Anti-Immigrant Bills
The Republican-led Florida Legislature is considering Arizona-style anti-immigrant bills in both the Senate and House of Representatives that if passed will further hurt our tourism-based state economy, force Florida businesses to use e-Verify a flawed federal database to verify employment eligibility or face losing their license to operate, promote racial profiling and anti-immigrant sentiments, and put additional burden on our state law enforcement officers who will be required to act as immigration agents. We strongly oppose these bills and urge our legislators to focus on creating jobs and work with the US Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. If these bills become law, everyone who "looks as if they are illegal", including tourists, will be fair game to be stopped by law enforcement officers and asked for documentation and arrested if they don't provide them. In protest of these laws we will be visibly carrying our US passports or legal resident documentation at all times as State Representative Luis Garcia has been doing during this legislative session.
Miami 11-21-09
The Miami Dade Cuban American Democratic Club fervently condemns the aggression against “blogger” Reinaldo Escobar by a group of members of the State Security of the government of Cuba.

Escobar, Yoani Sanchez's husband, recently published answers to some questions addressed to President Barack Obama, who responded with clarity to all questions.

This response on the part of the Cuban government against Escobar is a repetition of the brutal repression that said government has imposed for fifty years against any form of expression of dissidence.

The regime in Havana cannot expect changes in the relations with the United States if it will not change its methods.


El Club Cubano Americano del Partido Democrata de Miami Dade condena energicamente la agresion de que fuera objeto el bloguero Reinaldo Escobar por un grupo de miembros de la Seguridad del Estado del régimen.

Escobar es esposo de Yoani Sanchez que dio a conocer hace unos dias una entrevista que le hiciera al Presidente Barack Obama, quien respondió con claridad las preguntas.
La respuesta del Gobierno Cubano contra Escobar, es una repeticion de la brutal represion que dicho gobierno ha impuesto desde hace cincuenta años contra cualquier expresion de disidencia.

Mientras el regimen de La Habana no se decida a cambiar sus metodos no puede esperar cambio alguno en las relaciones con Estados Unidos.

Miami 04-13-09
The cancellation --of the Bush policy of restrictions on remittances and family travel to Cuba-- carried out by President Barack Obama today is not only the fulfillment of a campaign promise, but the beginning of a well thought strategy regarding Cuba. The Miami Dade Cuban American Democratic Club (MDCADC),since 2004 proposed said change in U. S.-CUBA policy. That policy was not only one beneficial to Republicans facing elections. In our view, it hinders the goal of a democratic society in the island through increased people-to-people contacts. Today, we begin a new stage of possibilities. We know the performance of the Cuban Government through all these years. We know the lack of improvement in terms of rights and freedom. We know the road ahead will be difficult and tortuous but we are certain this initial step is a good one regarding both the U. S. and Cuba.
Miami 03-28-09
The Cuban American Democratic Club (CADC), herewith, offers its viewpoint regarding the document of The Pro Democracy in Cuba Parliamentary Committee in The House of Representatives sent to President Barack Obama. The CADC, regarding Cuba, has maintained the fundamental principle that people-to-people contacts, in its multiple facets, should be promoted. Whatever nourishes isolation of the Cuban regime should be avoided. Hence, we believe that the campaign promises by President Barack Obama on travel and remittances to Cuba should become U. S. policy ASAP. The CADC further proposes its demand for the unconditional release of all political prisoners in Cuba, as a first step in any potential U. S-CUBA negotiations. This CADC policy proposal was approved in our Party's National Convention and is in the Democratic Party Platform. Likewise, we support assisting dissidents and civil society in Cuba . We are also calling for the proper and complete delivery to those inside -nationwide-- of the established body of financial resources, which to-date are kept and used abroad by others.
Miami 03-28-09
El Cuban American Democratic Club quiere expresar su posición ante el documento enviado por el Comité Parlamentario Pro Democracia en Cuba de la Camara de Representantes al Presidente Barack Obama. El CADC ha mantenido como posición fundamental con respecto a Cuba el principio de que debe facilitarse el contacto de pueblo a pueblo en todas sus múltiples facetas. Todo aquello que ayude a mantener el aislacionismo del régimen cubano debe ser evitado. Por lo tanto consideramos que las promesas de campaña sobre viajes y remesas del Presidente Barack Obama deben ser puestas en efecto. El CADC también ha mantenido como posición indeclinable que debemos exigir del Gobierno Cubano como primer paso a cualquier posible negociación en el futuro la libertad sin condición alguna de todos los presos políticos cubanos. Esta posición nuestra fue recogida y aprobada en la pasada convención y se encuentra en la plataforma oficial del Partido Demócrata. Por otra parte apoyamos la ayuda a la disidencia y a la sociedad civil cubana.Pero al mismo tiempo queremos que se suspenda la prohibicion que existe desde hace años que impide que la mayoria de los recursos entregados se puedan enviar al interior de Cuba que es donde se necesitan.

Héctor Caraballo